Welcome to The Grooming Room Pet Spa.

Owners Nicola and Chris Salt relocated from Wales, UK in 2006 and settled in Goose Creek. The Grooming Room has an excellent team that is truly dedicated to the special needs of your pet; we treat each dog as an individual, giving extra table time to puppies and seniors.

No dog is ever rushed in the grooming process; we aim for exceptionally high standards in styling and handling your precious family member.

The goal of The Grooming Room Pet Spa is to create both a human and dog-friendly environment: clean and hygienic, using only natural shampoos and products on the dogs.

No one wants to go to a hairdresser and sit amongst the previous client’s hair. It is the same for dogs and their parents. All The Grooming Room Pet Spa doggy clients are treated with love and as if we were their owners.

We listen to the customer; we take note of what is wanted, and if in doubt, take off less. The salon offers, as its primary focus, a dog grooming service that has quickly been recognized for friendly, excellent service and quality grooming and advice for your loved, furry pet.

All members of our team are trained to groom and handle your pet in a calm manner; our attention to detail is paramount, helping us to create the perfect groom that you requested. We believe a calm groomer creates a calm dog, making their groom a pleasurable experience.

For each new pet client, we require some brief background information about your pet i.e.: behavior, temperament, any medical issues (cysts, warts, sore joints, etc.). Vaccinations must be current and up to date.

We always encourage customer feedback. Customer care is our Number 1 Priority. Please feel free to call in, visit the salon and meet us and our staff. We will always be happy to discuss any issues regarding your pet's groom.